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It is situated in the main building.
This service is included in the cost of hotel and cottage accomodation.

The unique complex can help you to relax and cheer up:

•  swimming-pool 
•  sauna 
•  cold tub 
•  turkish bath 
•  solarium 
•  infra-red sauna 
•  hydro-jet 
•  massage 


Do you want to find yourself by the tropical lagoon. Then visit a swimming-pool within the main building and you will have a feeling as if you are in a fairy-tale. The first thing that attracts your attention is the seven meter palms on the small islets amid the swimming-pool.
Than your ear will catch the sound of a small waterfall. This sound is made by the water flowing slowly from one of the three levels to the other. The first upper level is a children's bathing beach, mini pool with jacuzzi. Second level is the heated swimming-pool.And the largest swimming pool is on the third level.
After swimming you can have a rest ,watch the TV,listen to the music sitting comfortably in the lounger or go to the bar and order some drink. In summer if you you want to get a tan you can go out onto the patio that ajoins the glass wall of the swimming pool.
You must be going? Then you can take a shower and use the hairdryer. The time spent in the swimming-pool will help you understand what the Paradise is.
The levels' depth is from 0,5 up to 2 meters ; constant water temperature.


Two Finnish saunas- men's and women's, for 4-6 persons are supplemented by two cold tubs (mini pools with cold water) with the 12- 13 C water temperature.Just imagine, you, steamed in the sauna, plunge into the cold water.

Turkish bath

After visitng the Turkish bath you'll feel every pore of your skin breathe and fatigue disappear being replaced by surprising lightness and feeling of health.
This bath was built by the turkish engineers and workmen, who but they know well what a real Turkish bath should be.
When you enter the bath the first thing that strikes is the grand marble decoration of the room.Then you are enveloped by the heat that here comes from everything-from the floor, walls, and ceiling.
And next…Next it depends on you whether you wish or not to feel fully the invigorating effect of this place.
The original turkish massage will help you to forget all your troubles and feel your body from top to the toes.

The turkish massage, peeling.  

Relax yourself after a hard working-week.We can offer you such kinds of massage as:

•  hygenic
•  medical
•  segmental
•  sport massage
•  relaxation massage

Skillful hands of our specialists peel your body of the cornified cells.Due to the indescribable massage the bad metabolic products ,toxins and fat come out of the organism. Dermal respiration improves.The base for the beautiful even tan is created.
After the fourty minutes procedure you'll have the feeling of weightlessness during the long time.


The effect of this sauna is based on the natural,harmless waves that penetrate 4 cm deep into the body.These waves warm the tissues,organs, muscles, bones and joints , improve the blood circulation increase metabolism without harm.

Medical effects:

The first effect is the purification of your body of the toxins and bad metabolic products .The heat produced by the infrared sauna helps to get rid of tne salts of heavy metals and toxins through sweating.

Invigorating medical effect is proved in the following spheres.

  • catarrhal diseases
  • ear nose throat (ENT)
  • burns
  • immune system
  • injuries
  • postoperative period
  • cardiovascular abnormalities
  • kidney diseases
  • blood circulation abnormalities
  • digestive system abnormalities
  • nervous disorder

Cosmetic effects:

The activation of blood circulation results in:

  • pores dilation and purification
  • cornified cells are removed
  • skin becomes smooth elastic and flexible 

Relaxation massage with aromatic oils has a favourable effect on the respiratory and cardiovascular organs, on the peripheral nervous system and on the psycho-emotional state. Anticellulitis massage with essential oils is available.

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