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PROPOSALS FOR DIPLOMATIC CORPS__2012-07-12__2.18.58.pngZavidovo Diplomat Club

Membership Terms and Privileges to Club Members

А Club member becomes entitled for the following benefits:

- a 20% discount at restaurants and bars

- a 20% discount for the Complex’s extra services*

There is no compensation for a cardholder’s failure to use discounts.

All benefits, Club Members are eligible for, shall not sum up with any other discount cards, discounts or other promotions. Two or more discounts cannot be applied at the same time. A guest gets a single highest discount.

*The discount does not apply to communication services; Internet access; taxi service; private entertainment arrangements and musical shows; flower delivery; decoration of rooms, lodges, restaurants, ball rooms and other halls, outdoor amenities for special occasions; goods purchased from shops located inside the Complex area; indemnity costs; fuels and lubricants.

Membership Terms

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