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If you got used to European first-class service and exquisite food, welcome to Zavidovo restaurants. You will be absolutely amazed by the great variety of dishes from Russian, European and Japanese cuisines; our bars have very rich choice of drinks and cocktails.

"Volga", "Shosha", "Ankerok" and "Port'O Zavidovo" have become justly renowned for their refinement and impeccable service.

It is a great pleasure in the summertime to indulge oneself in the beauties of nature! Why not book a table on the outdoor terrace of the "Volga", "Shosha" or  "Port'O Zavidovo" restaurants with a breathtaking view of the borderless river surface.


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Restaurant «Volga»

Restaurant "Shosha"



Restaurant "Ankerok" Restaurant-grill «Port'О Zavidovo»

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