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The restaurant is closed for renovations, we apologize for any inconvenience it may cause.

Friendly and welcoming Ankerok restaurant is located on the awesome bank of the Shosha river, where breathtaking sunrises fade away in a foggy haze, leaving visible only a narrow strip of land on the opposite shore accompanied by the sounds of whispering waves and bird singing. This is a marine-style restaurant, renowned for its harmonic, airy and relaxing ambience. The restaurant looks like an unusual ship anchored to a scenic river shore. The upper deck locates main dining with 40 seats and a banquet hall, our ship’s dinette is an excellent location for small private parties.Outdoor terrace is open during warm seasons.

The restaurant’s main focus is on good food and relaxing atmosphere for a nice chat. It is a perfect place for family dining, meeting friends and is suitable for business meetings as well as other events. In the summertime the restaurant is visited not only by the hotel guests, but also by yacht owners anchoring their yachts nearby. It’s nice coming here after a breathtaking snowmobile ride along the snowfield for a warm cup of mulled wine. A wide variety of dishes is one of the elements of fusion cuisine featuring latest trends.

You can try fresh fish caught in local waters or from a fish tank either smoked or served on a sizzling pan personally for you. You can also try our rich fire-flavoured fish soup (ukha).

Fans of Japanese cuisine will be offered sushi and rolls.

The restaurant’s menu gets frequent upgrades depending on visitors’ wishes and likes. The chef brings sophistication to classic dishes.

Beer fans can enjoy a wide variety of draught beer brands – Czech, German, Irish and English as well as have a special beer menu.

We are arranging various private and corporate events, doing our best to ensure your strong satisfaction with any banquet, cocktail reception, corporate event, presentation or just a family gathering.

Ankerok hosted a food festival of Thai cuisine first weekend of April. Upon our customers’ requests following the festival we have added most favourite dishes to our menu:

  • tiger prawn tempura;
  • thai-style carp with onion crust;
  • sea bass stew with lime and ginger;
  • shrimps with sweet and sour sauce.

Ankerok also added various fish dishes with carp, asp, catfish, trout and sterlet. Fresh fish is very delicious and at the same time has a unique combination of vitamins and nutrients.


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