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RESTAURANT-GRILL «PORT'O ZAVID__2012-07-12__2.18.58.pngOVO»

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Port’O Zavidovo is a restaurant which boasts Mediterranean cuisine and cozy environment, with comfy and relaxed atmosphere, accompanied by serene waves, live music, exquisite menu and high quality service, call 505.

It accommodates 50 guests.

Our restaurant is perfect for meetups with friends, family gatherings and special events.
Panoramic windows of the restaurant provide a splendid view of the berth.

Port’O Zavidovo’s location on the bank of the Shosha river allows you to approach it on a speedboat or a yacht, then moor your vessel to the shore and relax in our cozy restaurant.

On warm days and evenings our restaurant gives you an excellent opportunity to fill up with positive energy while enjoying your time at an outdoor terrace (with 20 seats) overlooking immense waters of the big Russian river.

In the restaurant-grill Port’O Zavidovo you can have a taste of our pizza cooked following traditional Italian recipes. The restaurant menu features a wide variety of chef’s specialties. Delivery of pizza (or any other menu item) to your room or lodge is available, dial 505.

The restaurant offers a rich selection of Mediterranean’s best wines.
Our restaurant’s specialty is fish or meat dishes prepared with the special cookware from Spain. You can see how we cook the food you picked in a coal-fired oven installed inside the restaurant. We have live music performances on Saturdays which create relaxed atmosphere and ease.

Spending your time in the restaurant-grill Port’O Zavidovo will make you feel like on a small Mediterranean island surrounded by waters of Russia’s great river. Your visit to our restaurant leaves most pleasant memories, overwhelms you with positive emotions, allowing you to plunge into comfort, warmth, serenity and beauty of Russian nature.


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