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In Zavodovo you can have a wonderful opportunity to go in for sports in any season. Sport center is situated opposite the entrance.We can offer about fourty services to choose from according to your interests.

Sport facilities

•  universal gym (basketball, volleyball, tennis ) This hall is also used for holding conferences, banquets and buffets (it admits 250 persons) 
•  fitness 
•  aerobics room 
•  children's room 
•  Russian billiard and American pool

Open grounds:

•  tennis courts 
•  football ground 
•  basketball ground 
•  volleyball ground

If you want to learn playing tennis or squash,our qualified coaches will instruct you.


•  skates 
•  skis 
•  sleds 
•  roller skates
•  bicycles
•  velomobile
•  badminton
•  petanque ground
•  ping-pong
•  checkers, chess, backgammon

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