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Landing stages for yachts, hydro-cycles, rowing boats.

Warm hangars for scooters and yachts with permanent temperature and security system.

For hire: electric cars, rowing boats, water skis, wakeboard, vindglider, Jet Ski with an instructor, velogibrid, boats. Relaxing river trips on the Volga by boats for 10-15 people.

From a practical perspective.

We offer year-round storage of watercraft and motor vehicles in warm boatsheds fitted up with modern equipment with constant room temperature.
Your speedboat or snowmobile will be stored under vigilant supervision by our reliable security systems in our boatsheds.
Water sport center specialists provide vehicle repair, washing and cleaning services if requested.

Our guests are offered warm boatsheds fitted up with reliable security systems with constant storage temperature. Closed winter parking lot is fully equipped to provide comfortable storage not only for watercraft, but also for snowmobiles. Large harbor of the bay and numerous berths with the total space of 80 meters are suitable for mooring speedboats and yachts up to 12 meters in length, as well as water scooters, paddle and rowboats.


Boatshed №1

Suitable for watercraft and motor vehicles. The warm hangars is equipped with hoist and monorail system of 2 ton capacity.
Total area – 765 square meters.
Building footprint – 480 square meters.

Sheltered storage ground

The ground is suitable for storage of speedboats up to 6 meters in length (5 parking spaces) and guest parking for the visitors of the Water Sport Center.

Boatshed №2

Suitable for storage of yachts up to 12 meters long, speedboats and winter sport vehicles.

Offers summer and winter parking

Two separate harbors.

Mooring in Marina 2 harbor:

Speedboats up to 8 meters long – 34 parking spaces

Mooring in the Main Harbor:

  • Speedboats and yachts up to 12 meters long – 35 parking spaces
  • Water scooters – 15 parking spaces

Open air winter parking lot

  • Speedboats and yachts up to 12 long – 4 parking spaces

Sheltered parking

  • Speedboats up to 6 meters long - 5 parking spaces

Warm boatshed storage

  • Speedboats and 10.5-meter long yachts – 8 parking spaces
  • Speedboats and yachts up to 10 long – 9 parking spaces
  • Water scooters – 15 parking spaces
  • Snowmobiles – 17 parking space

Please note: the prior appointment is necessary.  

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