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We offer the following services for owners of watercraft and motor vehicles on a year-round basis:

  • Watercraft maintenance and repair
  • Exterior cleaning of a vessel
  • Interior cleaning
  • Interior cleaning of a cabin (vacuum cleaning, mopping, galley)
  • Interior cleaning of a deck-house (windshield, mopping)
  • Cleaning of a flying bridge
  • Cleaning of a speedboat’s removable carpeting
  • Dishwashing at a speedboat
  • Change of bedding in cabins
  • Cleaning of a ship’s toilet
  • Cleaning of an engine room
  • Engine cleaning (outboard and inboard)
  • Cleaning of vessel’s overgrown areas
  • Covering a vessel’s underwater area with a paint that prevents overgrowth (less cost of materials) per 1 running meter


  • Oil/filter change
  • Spark plug change
  • Propeller replacement
  • Locksmithing and painting services
  • Water scooter mending
  • Mending of Taiga, Buran and BOMBARDIER SKI-DOO (Skandic/Tundra/Mini) snowmobiles

Other services:

  • Ship launch/lifting with Zavidovo’s own equipment (up to 12 m)
  • Rigger and lifting gear services for ship launch/lifting with the Client’s own mobile crane
  • Provision of service and repair area for the watercraft
  • Accumulator charging
  • Fueling services (less fuel purchase costs) per 1 l
  • Water supply services
  • Onshore power/water supply
  • Mechanic/captain services (steering, repair)
  • Installation of a frame with a mooring cover onto a speedboat
  • Removal of a frame with a mooring cover from a speedboat
  • Installation/removal of a bimini top from a speedboat
  • River crossing to a berth of Zavidovo’s House behind the Volga
  • River crossing to Nizovka island (Zavidovo’s private beach)
  • Jaeger support group 

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