Recreation Complex

At the confluence of Volga and Shosha rivers there is a place called ‘Bolshoye Zavidovo’ with a unique natural and landscape terrain where you can enjoy the best comfort and feel immersed in the beauty of nature. In 1957, this location was chosen to establish Zavidovo Recreational Camp, which is a branch of the Main Administration for Service of Diplomatic Corps under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (GlavUpDK).

At Zavidovo, you can choose between staying at the hotel, or living in the comfortable cottages and townhouses.

The territory of the resort is 56 hectares. Almost 100 houses with individual design are surrounded with wide sweep of green forest. The adjacent territory near each of the houses includes parking bays and barbeque zones.

Our guests are invited to visit 3 restaurants with European and Russian cuisine with both open buffet and à la carte service systems, among the other leisure and entertainment infrastructure are: yacht club, sports center, horse-racing center, shooting range, fishing ponds, hunting, a golf course, a Health Complex and SPA center.

Zavidovo sports center offers you an opportunity to try 40 different sports, it has a swimming pool, bath-houses, up-to-date fitness equipment, tennis courts, courts for mini-football, basketball, and volleyball, a billiard room, and a training golf course.

At Zavidovo bath-house complex on the riverbank you can enjoy a traditional Russian bath, or a Finnish sauna with a unique revitalization procedure based on traditional Japanese Ofuru techniques - called “Konyok-Gorbunok”, it will help you relax and recharge your energy.


On 16 August 1957

by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR a sports, fishing and hunting camp for the diplomatic corps employees was established. The site chosen for the construction of this camp was a land plot owned by a collective farm “Volga” (near the Moscow Sea), in the mouth of the Shosha River. During the first years the camp consisted of four three-room houses accommodating 15-20 people.

In 1960-1980s

the camp was developing and expanding. The number of houses reached 20, a hotel with a restaurant were built. During many years only foreign diplomats could stay here, but even so, the camp could not offer accommodation to everyone willing to come. Zavidovo became a highly popular recreational area!

In 1995

a decision was taken by GlavUpDK about stage-by-stage reconstruction and retrofit of the camp and about establishing an up-to-date resort in its territory. The best global practices and hospitality standards were taken as benchmarks.

In 1997-1998

many new facilities were built: the cottages with individual design reflecting national traditions of different cultures, the hotel, the sports and equestrian centers. The small hotel on the Shosha river bank which used to be the only accommodation for foreign diplomats in the Soviet period, became a new restaurant called “Shosha”.

In 2004, 

the Water Sports Center and the Marine Club were opened. In the Marine Club you can hire a motor yacht, a jet boat or a motor cruiser and take a tour round the water area of the Volga and Shosha rivers, and have a picnic on their picturesque banks.


the Zavidovo Resort meets the highest international standards. Zavidovo became a traditional place for the diplomatic community members, as well as other guests seeking special atmosphere, premium service and comfort and an opportunity to combine quiet rest and activity holidays amidst the pristine Russian nature.