Price on weekdays
from 24 000 RUB
Price on weekends
from 33 000 RUB
02 Dec
03 Dec

Cottages for 8 guests

Amazing scenery, landscaped area, developed infrastructure and high transport accessibility attract visitors from different regions of Russia and from abroad in Zavidovo. It is nice to live here, relax comfortably, raise children and just have fun, enjoying every day. If you want to have a great time in a large company, our cottages will fully meet your expectations.

8 - 11 guests
85 - 147 m2
Number of bedrooms :
4-5/ 2 DBL+ 2-3 TWIN
Check-in time :
6:00 PM
Check-out time:
3:00 PM

Cottage amenities:

The 1st floor: living room, bedroom – 1, kitchen, bathroom
The 2nd floor: bedrooms – 3-4, bathroom
Fireplace (depending on the cottage type)
Seating furniture: sofa, armchairs
TV set, digital TV
Kitchen: electric stove, kettle, refrigerator, tableware, appliances
Toiletries: soap, shampoo, shower cap
Bathroom supplies: bathrobes, slippers
Veranda with seating or rattan furniture
Charcoal grill and barbecue area in the backyard
Parking by the house
Accommodation with pets (at extra cost)

Price includes:

All Inclusive: the Volga buffet restaurant (from Buffet breakfast in the Volga restaurant (from 08:00 AM to 11:00 AM) / RO
Wellness center (once a day; from 09:00 AM to 10:00 PM)
Unrestricted access to the fitness center (from 09:00 AM to 9:00 PM)
Multi-purpose sports hall: tennis, basketball, volleyball
Outdoor sports grounds
Russian pyramid / Eight-ball
Electronic laser shooting range
Sports equipment hire
Beach (in summer), ice skating rink (in winter)
Children’s Club services
Daily entertainment programs for children and adults
Private parking
Bottled drinking water
Charcoal for grilling (1 pack), lighter fluid

Other offers

Superior cottages
from 31 500 RUB/day
Superior cottages
31 500 RUB /day
Superior cottages
180 m2

The superior category includes two types - Turkey and Ambassador cottages. The Turkey two-story cottage is located within walking distance of the Sports Center, Bathing Complex and Wellness Center, restaurants,a children's club, sports and playgrounds. The cottage accommodates up to 10 people. 

Cottages for 6 guests
from 21 000 RUB/day
Cottages for 6 guests
21 000 RUB /day
Cottages for 6 guests
6 - 9
96 - 136 m2

The Recreation Complex has 9 types of cottages, designed for 6 guests, with a cooker and a fireplace: Turkey, Vologda, Italy, Lagoon, Vitruvia, Eastern House, Russian House, Helema, England. The cottages are located in a secluded complex area, which allows you to enjoy nature, a quiet, relaxing holiday near the river. The Turkey cottage is located near a children's complex, sports and playgrounds, which is ideal for families with children and for those who enjoy outside activities.

Cottages for 6 guests without electric cooker
from 16 000 RUB/day
Cottages for 6 guests without electric cooker
16 000 RUB /day
Cottages for 6 guests without electric cooker
6 - 9
100 m2

There are only three cottages with a microwave instead of cookers in the Recreational Complex Zavidovo The cottages were built in different styles: Russian, English, French. The remote location of the cottages on site enables you to enjoy a quiet and relaxing outdoor holiday. The Complex offers a room service from restaurants, so you can always taste Russian and European dishes without leaving home.

Cottages for 4 guests
from 13 000 RUB/day
Cottages for 4 guests
13 000 RUB /day
Cottages for 4 guests
4 - 6
70 - 83 m2

The Sokol (Falcon) two-story cottage is an excellent option for a family or friends. The cottages are located near a children's club, sports and playgrounds, a restaurant complex, which is ideal for families with children of all ages. The proximity to the Shosha River allows you to fully enjoy the nature of these places. The Sokol cottages are built of environmentally friendly materials and are equipped with everything required for a comfortable stay.

House beyond the Volga
from 14 500 RUB/day
House beyond the Volga
14 500 RUB /day
House beyond the Volga
57 m2
One-story house made of environmentally friendly materials is located on the opposite bank of the Shosha River, on the Nizovka island. Transfers from the complex to the house and back are available. The house has 2 bedrooms for a comfortable stay, a fireplace. A freestanding sauna and barbecue deck are next to the house.